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Welcome to the NEW Glassnert Auction site!

Welcome to Glassnert Auctions

Auction #131 has closed. But Auction #132 will be available on August 18 and will close on September 9. Thanks for your continued interest in our auctions.

Auction #131 will close on July 29 at 11 PM central time. As usual items receiving bids during the last 15 minutes before the 11 PM close will remain open until they go 15 minutes without a bid. You may bid by mail to Mary and Carl Sehnert, 1666 East Southfield Cir., Cordova, TN 38016. By email to glassnert@BellSouth.net or by telephone to 901-219-9855 or 901-218-7554. We will also take your bids if you just casually bump into us on the street somewhere.

We are testing out some changes in this auction and also will be making some changes in the next auction which we are projecting to end in early September. In this auction we are showing no Special Offerings or Items of Interest. Going forward we will only show items in these areas that are truly different and unique and not merely because they are of higher value. All items in the auction other than these will be classified in the order of their item number on Glass 411, within their respective categories. Steve is doing a fantastic job with Glass 411 and by now I believe most of the glass collectors are using that as their prime reference. If you have not switched to this service to look up references and information you are missing a lot and now would be a good time to check it out.

Up until this point of the summer Mary and I have had a very busy and time-consuming schedule and this is the first break we’ve had in order to put together an auction. We are planning another auction to end in the second week of September, before the Renningers show in Kutztown, Pennsylvania in late September. Now would be a good time to start planning for that event as there will be a Promotional Glass Collectors Association meeting held at that time. That and a large selection of places to shop for glasses, collectibles and other antiques makes it the place to be in late September. There are always 3 to 5 glass collectors and dealers set up at the Renningers Antique Extravaganza. For anyone that bids in this auction or the next we will be happy to hold your glasses and bring them to Renningers and save you the shipping costs.

We have added a section for peanut butter glasses and other glasses that started life as food containers. With the printing of a new, very good and very informative peanut butter book; and with the interest one of the authors has taken in our organization, it has greatly improved the number of glass collectors that now have interest in these much sought after, unique and beautiful collectibles. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding this. We have a large number of these type of items in this auction; however, at this point they may not be designated as such and may be listed throughout the auction.

Mary and I will be home most of the rest of the summer until September with only a few very short periods away from home. We would welcome any glass collectors that would like to spend some time going through hundreds and hundreds of boxes of glasses looking for some great deals to come and visit. Our guest room is open and you will enjoy the southern hospitality. We are on a two-year quest to go from three large storage units to one. Come and help us make that happen, you will not go home disappointed and your collection will love you for it.

As always if you have any questions, suggestions or even complaints we would like to hear from you.

Thank you for your continued support.

Carl and Mary

Please note our new address: 1666 East Southfield Circle Cordova, TN 38016 The only phone numbers we have now are 901-219-9855 and 901-218-7554.

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Enjoy!! Carl and Mary

Carl and Mary Sehnert
1666 E. Southfield Circle
Cordova, TN 38016
Carl Cell 901-219-9855
Mary Cell 901-218-7554
Auction site www.glassnertauction.com